Ringwood, NJ is special to everyone who lives here.

Our residents treasure our access to hiking trails and beautiful lakes, surrounded by scenic mountains. Our lakes are a key recreational element in Ringwood, and maintaining healthy properties in town supports healthy lakes. What we put on lawns goes into the ground—and the groundwater that runs into our lakes. And as a town that relies heavily on septic systems, it’s also crucial that Ringwood residents care for their septic tanks for the health of our community as well. Together, we can protect our land, children, pets, and aquatic life and safeguard our cherished Ringwood lifestyle. Together, let’s make healthy lakes a shore thing.

Wherever you live in Ringwood, everything you put on or in the ground finds its way into our lake water. Here are the steps you can take to make a difference and keep our lakes pristine.

Lawn & Garden

Fertilizers and other chemicals we use on lawns and in gardens cause algae blooms that lead to lake closures.

Take Action

Use natural fertilizers and weed control products. Switch to organic gardening—it’s easy! Here’s our guide.

Septic System Maintenance

When septic systems are not maintained or pumped, they leak and pollute groundwater, which flows into our lakes.

Take Action

Septic systems must be pumped every three years and need routine maintenance to avoid costly repairs. Find out how.

Pets & Wildlife

Chemical products that contain warnings that they are harmful to skin or if ingested may also harm pets and wildlife.

Take Action

Read labels before applying products indoors/outdoors; shield pets from chemicals, don’t spray near trails or lakes.

Take Action and Protect Your Investment

Studies have linked water quality with property values in lake communities throughout the U.S. Lake communities are in demand, and the value of properties within these communities depends upon the quality of the lake. All property owners in Ringwood, not just lakefront property owners, can make a difference. If we all practice lake-friendly living, we will all be able to enjoy the beauty and health of Ringwood for years to come.

Visit the Ringwood Borough website for Health Department news and updates.

Maintain our quality of lake life in Ringwood

Make healthy lakes a shore thing!

Avoid algae blooms, keep us boating/fishing/swimming, enjoying a “green” Ringwood. Here are some ways to do so.

Create a rain garden

Test water

Switch to “natural” fertilizers

Plant wisely – vegetative garden, buffer plantings, other measures

Be careful what goes down your drain (food waste to avoid)

Septic pumping  & inspection

Care for your leach field


20% of homes in US depend on septic systems to treat wastewater

In northern NJ, many lake communities rely on septic systems

Conversion of summer homes into year-round homes increases stress placed on septic system

This increased use adds more pollutants to leach fields


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Visit the Ringwood Borough website for Health Department News and Updates

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